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      Why Massage?

    Stresses within your body builds up making you feel tense

sluggish and head-achy

Your muscles become knotted

You ache all over

            Lactic Acid can build up in your muscles making 

Your back, neck & shoulders ache,    

Your lower back, legs & feet ache.

Your whole body can ache

We get angry,

We moan,

We complain, 

We ache,

We feel constantly tired.


These are symptoms that you

do not need to carry around with you.



We can do something to help ourselves feel better!


     Having a massage once a week,

Once a month or every now and again can be beneficial to our bodies.

     *It releases toxins like Lactic Acid,    

     *Helps our Immune system fight diseases by producing more white blood cells,

    * Increases our blood flow and circulation

  *A massage  increases the production of Endorphin's and Serotonin,

     *Softens the fatty tissue.

   *  Reduce our stress levels,

    * Enables us to use our  bodies more efficiently,

     *Improves your posture.

    Which makes us feel good..

   Along with a Healthy Diet, Drinking water,

   Reducing fats, Sugars and Alcohol in our diets.

   Cutting down on smoking.

   Provides a healthier mind and body and a healthier lifestyle.



  What about training?

  We go through rigorous training courses at The Beauty Academy to enable us to carry out all our treatments and therapies with    accredited Diplomas and NVQ's - Watch out for new treatments, as we constantly update our skills





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