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                  A FREE Consultation

If you are in doubt as to whether you can have a treatment or service, please call to ask,
its better to make that call if you are unsure

Questions asked may involve a brief medical history, skin conditions, medicines and medical treatments
you are undertaking at that moment in time which may affect any treatments or therapy you may wish
to book in for

For certain conditions such as Pregnancy, Pacemaker, High or Low Blood Pressure or Diabetes
you will be asked to supply a letter from your Health Care Professional. this is your General Practitioner,
Consultant, Midwife stating that they are happy for you to have a treatment carried out and that the
HCP is happy for a treatment t
o commence.   You will need to bring this letter with you on your first visit
and a copy for our records

 When you arrive a more details consultation will be carried out upon your arrival, this is to ascertain the type of treatment that will be offered to you as all clients are treated as individuals . Its is one a One size fits all service, each treatment is tailored to each individual.
This is a Legal Obligation to have to carry out a consultation.
So please allow an extra 15/ 20 minutes for your First appointment. A mini consultation usually lasting a couple of minutes before any subsequent visits, this is to ensure that any health concerns are acknowledged and addressed before a treatment commences and again its tailoring the correct treatment for you as a client. By letting me know of any changes to your health and well-being, So your records can be updated accordingly.
All records are kept for 5 years, in a secured and locked Filing cabinet this is the Law

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