A FREE Consultation

I offer a FREE telephone consultation to all our clients.

Assessing your needs and suitability to any treatment or service

by myself prior to you booking with me.

This is really a pre-assessment, which saves you time once you are here for your appointment   and I would hate to turn you away if you are not suitable for a treatment or service you require

Questions asked will involve a brief medical history, skin conditions, medicines and     medical treatments which may affect any treatments or therapy you may wish to book with me. For certain conditions I may require a Letter from your Doctor / Consultant to enable me to carry out any treatments.

I can advise you of this during your FREE consultation over the phone.



A more detailed consultation will be done prior to any

Treatment or Therapy  Session upon your arrival.

This is a Legal Obligation I have to carry out.

So please allow an extra 15/ 20 minutes for your 1st appointment with me.

Any further Treatments or Therapies done will not require this as we will have all your details at hand.

However any  changes to your medical history must be provided at a next appointment, so I can keep my records up to date.




Disclaimer: We do not treat sports Injuries, people with Diabetes High or Low blood pressure, or wear a pacemaker should seek medical advice before booking any appointments with us. Ladies in their first trimester should avoid massage altogether




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