Outside Bookings

As well as offering my clients all the services on my website in my Therapy room.

I am able to offer these services out in the Community to Individuals, Groups, Corporate's and Events

 For example: This may be a 2 hour massage session giving mini massages to a groups members or to a full day at a place of  business giving full Back and shoulder massages Reiki session at your location **

You might feel you, your members or staff could benefit from Mindfulness/ Life Coaching sessions on a weekly or monthly basis

For more information Call 07786778391 

or use the Enquiry form on my website


** Reiki and massage a clear space is needed to allow a 6ft therapy couch,  with enough space to walk around to allow me to do the treatment, I will not move your furniture out of the way- This should be done prior to my arrival, nor will I replace furniture after a therapy session.

I will not carry my heavy equipment up more than one flight of stairs, businesses in high rise buildings with lifts are acceptable.

It is the person(s) responsibility to ensure the room is warm enough to allow a therapy/ service to be carried out comfortably

For Mindfulness and Life Coaching sessions, I.T equipment may be used, such as a TV or projector, so please ensure there is power available

Additional expenses may be added for travel and parking on top of the fee quoted