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Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

We all have this image of a hypnotherapist swinging a gold fob watch too and fro in front of a persons face and saying "You are feeling sleepy" This is stage hypnosis. Done for the benefit of the crowds.

Modern hypnosis is based on levels of trance. The deeper the trance, the deeper into hypnosis you go. Trance is nothing to be frightened of, Trance is a natural occurrence every human-being experiences every day of our lives

Sound strange? Well its true.


We  all live our lives in various trance states, we are in a trance state when we are wide awake our senses are heightened,  we are in a  trance state where we feel sleepy and tired our senses become slow and sluggish, we are in a trance state when we day-dream or meditate 

When the hypnotherapist puts you in a trance state, the hypnotherapist is merely telling the conscious mind or as I prefer to call the conscious mind the" doing mind  to take a back seat to your unconscious mind or "thinking mind". Your unconscious mind is the thinking mind that absorbs all the information we learn see and experience throughout our lives, the unconscious mind stores our memories, our thoughts and our personalities, our personality is who we are

At some point  during our lives we can have experiences that can  make us  feel unhappy for what ever reason, it may be that we experienced a trauma, like the  sudden death of a family member, loss of a pet, we were abused by someone we trusted, bullied at school or at home. Now, this might not have impacted the person immediately or for many years after. However, something has happened to the person as they got older that triggers this memory causing the  experience to resurface one way or another, or may have never left the persons memory and has continued to haunt the person to the point of disabling them mentally. This can severely impact a persons life, making their life extremely difficult and unable to move forward or enjoy their life because of the disabling memory causes them.

This is where Regression Hypnosis is able to help the person, unlike many forms of hypnosis that are designed to heal anxiety, depression  weight loss, smoking etc., Regression hypnosis takes the person safely back to the root cause of the problem, where the person is allowed to heal the younger self in a safe way, by what ever means the person feels appropriate. It is not the hypnotherapists job to tell the person how to heal the younger self, as the person knows themselves and knows what they want or need to in order to heal the root cause in their conflict

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