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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage has been practised in Indian by the Hindu's for thousands of years

Its only since the mid 1970's that Indian Head massage has become popular all over the world 

Indian head massage included's the head, neck, shoulders, face and back. Using moves similar to performing Swedish massage on the head, with stoking, tapping,chopping, hacking and knuckles being used on the head neck and shoulders. 


Indian head massage is not only relaxing, its beneficial for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, blood flow to the head and increase circulation and promote hair growth and many other ailments. Indian Head Massage can be preformed on all age ranges from the young to the elderly

Oils help nourish the the scalp and condition the hair, although you don't have to use oil to perform an Indian head massage

Be aware that all that oil on your head can make it look like you've not washed you hair for several days, so bring a headscarf with you for when you leave and try to leave the oil in your head for the rest of the day, its worth it as the oil will condition your hair leaving it shiny and your scalp will benefit for the oil too!

Some words of caution, if you have had a head injury or have been drinking, you may be pregnant (1st trimester) Indian head must be avoided, The therapist will go through a health check with you before they commence with any treatments.

However once your Indian head massage is over you should feel energised, tired, ache free

An Indian head massage can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as an hour

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