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Life Coaching

To become what we want to be, we have to change who we are

We may dream of that well paid job or living a different life to the one we have right now.


It could be that you've always wanted that dream job, but been to scared to even apply for fear of being rejected 

You may lack confidence in your daily life

But how do we go about it?

Are you prepared to change your life to make it happen?  

If you answered yes to the question, then you are half way there to changing your life

A Life Coaches job is to enable you to find the solution or problem

Be it changing your job, wanting that promotion, starting a business. This list is endless

To enable you to get the best outcome from working with a Life Coach

you must want to change your life,

by having  a clear goal or outcome in place to begin with. 

There is no magic solution YOU MUST WANT to change what ever it is that needs to be changed for you to be able to grow as a person. After all its your own personal development and achievements that are your own goal, desire or outcome 

Change requires alot of dedication from deep within you, it isnt an easy road to follow, it can be lonely, especially when you feel like throwing in the towel, however the life coach is there to support you, listen to you, and I mean listen, to encourage you to acheive your goal or desired outcome 


A Life coach is trained to listen to very word you say, a life coach hears every word you say, takes it on board everything you say.  A Life coach will ask you questions based on what you say and not what they feel you should answer

A life coach is impartial and  will only act in the client's best interests . 

A life coach doesnt ask lots of questions, A life coach gets you to ask yourself lots of questions, the life coach will enable you to find the answer's from the questions you have asked yourself.

Each life coach works differently, some Life Coaches specialise in Corporate Coaching. Some Life Coaches specialise in careers , some Life Coaches specialise in life coaching teams of people within a business environment

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