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Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing technique or laying on of hands

Reiki is pronounced Raykey. REI meaning Universal and KI meaning Life Energy

Founded in Japan by Dr Usui in the early 19th Century, Reiki has become very popular with all ages as Reiki is a non evasive  healing energy which is believed can help  and reinforce the body to help heal itself.


Reiki has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and many other ailments and conditions

Although, people shouldn't discontinue any conventional treatments , nor should a person stop taking medications prescribed to them either. Reiki is seen as a top up or an enhancement towards conventional treatments when used on a regular basis alongside traditional treatments.

So who can have  Reiki?

Well anyone or any living thing can have Reiki from plants to animals and humans can have Reiki as all living things produces life's energy

Reiki is the only tradition that is open to all belief systems that heals the mind, body and soul as well as our emotional state

Every  Reiki Practitioner has to undertake study from a Reiki Master and be attuned to Level 2 before they can even be considered a practitioner or allowed to practice Reiki

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So how does Reiki work?

An attuned Reiki Practitioner will draw on the Universal Life Energy and position their hands close to the person they are treating.  Some practitioners actually lay their hands on the person whilst working, some hover their hands a few inches from the area they are working on, on a client- this all depends on how the practitioner works.

The person receiving a Reiki session can be seated or laying down and you don't need to undress to have a treatment.

Often the practitioners hands can become very warm/ hot to the touch and the person receiving a Reiki treatment may feel certain areas are warmer than other areas when the practitioner  is doing their work.

Often a person may not feel like anything has happened during a Reiki session, but rest assured the Reiki will be working

Sometimes a person might feel out of sorts, this is normal, its just the body that's out of sync and over the course of 24 hours the body realigns itself and the out of sync feeling will disappear

Reiki sessions last between 45- 60 minutes

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