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Legal stuff


 A 50% NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT must be paid up front with the initial booking or the  booking will not be accepted or confirmed. All courses must be paid for 7 days BEFORE the  start date of the course. Failure to pay the balance 7 days prior to the course may result in the course being cancelled. A Maximum discount of 20% will be given to the maximum of 8 attendees, a Maximum of 15%  discount for 6  or more attendees. A Maximum 10 % discount for 4 or more  attendees and a maximum of 5% for 2 or more attendees given

A 50 % refund minus the original deposit will be given with 72 hours notice. A 25% refund minus the original deposit will be given with  48 plus hours notice. No refund given with less than 48 hours notice. Attendees can be replaced with someone else not booked onto the original course. NO more than the original number of attendees quoted will be accepted onto that particular course. due to capacity.

Any damage to ATM Holistic Therapists  property caused by malicious behaviour or accident or items stolen by an attendee(s). The attendee(s)  will be asked to pay for the damage caused or the return of stolen items, failure to pay for damaged caused  or stolen items returned to ATM Holistic Therapists property.. ATM Holistic Therapist reserves the right to seek compensation for damages or stolen goods  via the courts and will actively seek compensation for Malicious Accidental damage  or Stolen goods via the Courts . The cost of Court fees  will be added to the defendant)s) bill should they  be taken to Court..  Failure to pay the  Courts settlement, ATM Holistic Therapist will advise Court Debt Collectors to  pursue settlement and add the cost of Debt Collectors costs to the original debt, this will be paid by the defendant(s). Courses are subject to availability and may be limited to weekends or non peak  times. E.g, Mondays

ATM Holistic Therapists Vouchers

Vouchers may be purchased to the values of £5.00, £10.00 & £20.00 respectively

Vouchers purchased directly from ATM Holistic Therapist have a Six Months Expiry Date and become invalid after that date on the voucher. NO extensions will be given to expired or expiring vouchers Regardless

Vouchers have NO cash in value. Treatments or Services may be purchased above the value of a voucher by adding additional  cash/ credit/ debit card payment to the value of the Treatment or Service. No cash refund will be given towards a treatment that has a lower price than the vouchers value however an IOU note will be issued for the difference. The IOU note will still have the same expiry date as the original vouchers . All bookings/ appointments  using vouchers are subject to availability

Third Party Vouchers

No cash refund given. Refer to Merchant the voucher was purchased from for their refund policy.  Vouchers out of date will NOT be accepted. One Third party voucher per person. Second vouchers presented will not be accepted. Appointments will be subject to availability. ATM Holistic Therapists  reserves the right to withdraw an offer at any time, even if the Third party merchant is still selling vouchers. All third party vouchers are to be given prior to a treatment commencing and any add on charges paid along side the voucher. Failure to attend a first appointment without good reason will result in no further appointments  will be offered to  that customer


ATM Holistic Therapist strives to treat everyone with respect and dignity  regardless of Colour, Religion or Sexual orientation and expects clients to treat ATM Holistic Therapist with the same respect and dignity in return. All Treatments or services are to be paid up front. Services for adults over 18 years of age. Minors under 18 years old will need a chaperone who must stay in the room while a treatment or service is being carried out and sign all the consultation forms on behalf of the minor. All clients will have a formal consultation and all formal paperwork is carried out before their first treatment or service, subsequent appointments an informal consultation will be carried out. Failure to declare important information on your consultation form may affect your treatment or your treatment being halted due to contraindications. If a contraindication is identified, then an alternative treatment of higher or lower price may be offered to the client. ATM Holistic Therapists reserves the right to not offer a treatment if a contraindication is identified and may ask the client to pay the difference if a higher treatment is offered and accepted by a client, in the event of a treatment being offered at a lower value, then the client will be charged accordingly

accepted payment methods. Cash, Credit Card/ Debit Card. PayPal.  BACs Transfer from Business only. Cheques only accepted from Charities and Business. Personal cheques will not be accepted

ATM Holistic Therapist Does not do house calls , except in special circumstances where the client cannot leave a vulnerable person home alone. ATM Holistic Therapist can attend outside events and businesses to carry out seated chair massages. Fees and or any discounts  will be discussed  and agreed with clients prior to working at the venue where invoices will have to be paid within 28 days of due date

ATM Holistic Therapist endeavours to carry out all treatments in a competent manner at all times

All Treatments and services are NON REFUNDABLE, except in  extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of ATM Holistic Therapist. Clients who miss two appointments will not be offered any further appointments  unless for genuine reasons and then re-booking an appointment will be at the discretion of ATM Holistic Therapist. Failure to attend a third appointment, the client will be banned permanently

ATM Holistic Therapist reserves the right to withdraw  or refuse a treatment or service to a client who is abusive, aggressive , confrontational, high on drugs and or alcohol and will ask the  client to leave the premises at any time before or during the treatment or service if the client is deemed unfit or incapacitated

This is a NON SEXUAL SERVICE. Any client asking for a sexual service, asks ATM Holistic Therapist to perform a sexual act  in front of a client to watch or perform a sexual act on the client . The client will be asked to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and will be  PERMANENTLY BANNED from receiving a treatment or service no matter the workplace environment . The offending client will still be charged for their treatment or service. in extreme cases, ATM Holistic Therapist reserves the  right to call the police if such client refuses to leave the premises. ATM Holistic Therapist reserves the right to withdraw any offer, service or treatment at anytime and all appointments are subject to availability.  ATM Holistic Therapist reserves the right to refuse to discount a treatment or service. All discounts are at the discretion of ATM Holistic Therapist

Outside Corporate events

To carry out seated chair massage a clear space  with enough space to walk around to allow me to do the treatment, I will not move your furniture out of the way- This should be done prior to my arrival, nor will I replace furniture after a therapy session.I will not carry my heavy equipment up more than one flight of stairs, businesses in high rise buildings with working lifts are acceptable.It is the Venue(s) responsibility to ensure the room is suitable ,for  treatments  to be carried out privately, that the room is warm enough to allow a therapy/ service to be carried out  For Mindfulness and Life Coaching sessions, I.T equipment may be used, such as a TV or projector, so please ensure there is power available

Additional expenses may be added for travel and parking on top of the fee quoted

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