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The  Serenity Garden

The Serenity Garden is a quiet place where you can find peace of mind, rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.
The Serenity Garden is hidden away in the quiet suburbs of Nottinghamshire in my private garden which is surrounded by tall hedges, trees and fencing for privacy 

The Serenity Garden is quiet place where you can sit by the pond to meditate, watch the birds feeding in the garden or simply enjoy looking out of the 19'ft of one way mirrored windows during a treatment or therapy, There are blackout blinds if you want to be totally private during a treatment.

The log cabin is tastefully decorated in calming  neutral colours with soft lighting with a heated treatment couch, the warm and cosy log cabin really does beat the hustle and bustle of a commercial spa. The Serenity Garden was designed for the best holistic experience a client could wish for.

The log cabin measures 20'ft long and 10'ft wide it has been professionally converted into a fully functioning  multipurpose therapy room for consultations, talking therapies and holistic therapies.

With the removal of some furniture, the cabin  becomes a classroom  big enough for 8-10 people for group sessions and workshops 

The Serenity Garden has its own private gated access, private garden and toilet facilities and is easily accessible for disabled clients
The Serenity Garden -Log Cabin_edited.jpg
Having been a Holistic Therapist for eight years now. I find peace of mind a valuable commodity we should all have.
The word "Holistic "simply means the whole approach. A Holistic Therapist looks after the Mind, Body and Soul of a person during a treatment or therapy they carry out. We are living in  unprecedented times during a  pandemic, people are suffering with their mental health and general well-being
As the pace of our working lives gets faster, our employers make never ending demands on our work and home time. That we are barely surviving and not enjoying our lives. Mental Health, Stress and Anxiety are at the highest rates ever seen in our life time.

it is important that people can have access to Holistic Therapies such as Massage, Reiki Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnotherapy ,Coaching, Talking therapies any other Holistic Therapy  carried out by a Holistic Therapist. 

So, if you car broke down. You would take the car to be repaired right. So why don't you do this with your body?
Treat your body like your car, and have regular holistic therapies, not only will your body thank you, but all that stress, Anxiety and your Mental health will thank you in the long run. Your body will feel energised, your mind will feel better, your oxygen levels will increase and your brain will be working at optimum capacity, you will literally feel supercharged

As Holistic Therapies are much more affordable and accessible now than they were several years ago, So why not book in for a treatment or a course today!

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